Yin Yoga Foundation Workshop - Anatomy & Functional Approach

Murielle et Sebastian Pucelle
Unravel your potential and refine your inspiration on the Yin Yoga path

Anatomy is playing such an essential role in understanding how the body functions. Learn the basics of Yin Yoga, a quiet practice that has transformative effects on body and mind. Yin Yoga applies a gentle but consistent stimulation of the connective tissues encourages long- term health and flexibility of the joints, recharges the energetic system of the body and naturally draws the mind inward into a relaxed, meditative state. It also prepares the body and mind for longer meditation practices.

Friday 12th June – 6pm to 8pm

PRACTICE: Yang to Yin - This Class will be a perfect blend between strength and softness, using Taoist movement to challenge the Yogis balance, coordination and strength followed by a smooth transition towards Yin poses cooling and slowing down the practice to the point of stillness. Leaving the practitioner into a relaxed state of mind. (travaillant le cardio) et postures de Yin Yoga pour l’ouverture du corps.

Saturday 13th – 9am to 12pm

PRACTICE: Yin Yoga for the spine - This sequence will target the spinal column in the 6 directions to decompress and re-inflate the intervertebral disc, releasing the tension, moving stagnation in the deep tissues around the lower spine.

THEORY: Exploring the 3 main tissue related to yoga practice using a Taoist analysis, we only need to refer to the Muscles / Connective Tissues / Bones to expose the 2 restrictions of movement in the body and why do we need to address those tissue differently?


Saturday 13th – 2pm to 5pm

THEORY: Looking at skeletal compression in the body, using a slide show to observe bones and skeletal variations of the Pelvis, Femur, Tibia, Lumbar, and Scapula. Why everyone is unique the way, they practice Yoga.

PRACTICE: Yin Yoga for the hips -This sequence is focusing around the pelvis, using deep lunges and others Yin poses to feel the compression points in the hips sockets, as well as exploring the range of motion of the legs.


Sunday 14th – 9am to 12pm

PRACTICE: Yin Yoga for upper body - A practice dedicated to develop your range of motion and to open the upper body.

THEORY: A group exploration of skeletal variations, we will use the diversity of the group to play with the 8 more significant points of compression in the body.

Sunday 14th – 2pm to 5pm

THEORY: The 9 levels of functional description are different steps of awareness which will help all practitioners to establish their practice and teaching according to their intention, enabling them to develop the skill of introspection from the gross to the subtlest aspect of their being.

PRACTICE: Double Effect - This sequence will combine 2 Yin Yoga poses together working asymmetrically on the body using antagonist group muscles.



Vendredi: 60 CHF
Les 3 jours : 280 CHF 

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